The Karanambu Trust
Karanambu Wildlife

There is no other place in Guyana with such varied terrain in so compact an area as the North Rupununi. The landscape is an integration of four ecosystem types: wetlands, savannas, rivers, and forests. The number of species found here is much higher than expected for an area of its size, and includes species that are rare in other parts of Central and South America such as the giant otter, black caiman, arapaima, jaguar, giant anteater, capybara, ocelot, margay, giant and pygmy anteaters, howler and capuchin monkeys, tapir, deer, peccaries, fox, frogs, toads, lizards, tortoises, snakes, rarely seen birds, heliconiid butterflies, and other insects in variety and number that surpasses imagination. At Karanambu, there may be as many as 700 species of fish, 600 of birds, and over 200 of mammals.