The Karanambu Trust
Slide Show: Peace Corp Community Solar Project

In 2011, the Trust hosted Robin Anliker, a solar power engineer and volunteer with the Peace Corps Response Program. Robin arrived in March and quickly mapped out a plan to convert from expensive, inefficient, and noisy generator power at Karanambu to solar for both the Trust House, which was under renovation as part of the WWF-Guianas grant, and for the Lodge. Part of her plan was to train members of local communities, including Karanambu's staff, in the basic electrical engineering skills needed for this work. Next Robin proposed a detailed budget and timeline for the Karanambu Solar Community Project: $10,000 and three months. Thanks to a grant by the Stanley E. Hanson Foundation awarded directly to the US Peace Corp, Robin was able to move full steam ahead. Additional financial support came from the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) and additional technical support from a number of Guyanese companies and individuals.