The Karanambu Trust

conservation training

The Trust's goal for outreach at Karanambu is to encourage conservation and sustainable development in the North Rupununi region by demonstrating that it is possible to live in balance with nature. Our focus is to offer training programs that provide useful technical skills and knowledge, both in how to study and maintain biodiversity—because this is such a valuable asset—as well as how to improve the daily lives of local people so the available resources are better used.

  • ANNOUNCING the 2013 Field Ecology Course at Karanambu. Interested students should email Dr. Godfrey Bourne. Please see the attached details.

    Biodiversity Course Description and Itinerary
    University Flyer: Biodiversity in the Land of the Makushis

  • The two-part conservation biology course was made possible by another first: a grant to the Trust from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Guianas. The grant covered the cost of a significant amount of field equipment required for biodiversity studies including binoculars, digital cameras, and camera traps. This equipment was used in the course, as well as in subsequent courses (see next) and is now available on a sign-out basis.

  • A field ecology course in January 2012 was led by Trustee/Lead Scientist Dr. Godfrey Bourne as the course leader and Secretary/Trustee Dr. Lucy Spelman as co-instructor.