The Karanambu Trust


The Trust's goal for conservation is to ensure Karanambu continues to be managed with minimal disruption to the flora and fauna, the river system and riparian flood forest, ponds, swamps, and the savanna.
  • During 2011, Chairman/Trustee Joe Singh and Trustee Sydney Allicock continued to participate in the Multi Stakeholder Steering Committee for the Guyana government's Low Carbon Development Strategy.

  • In May 2011, Secretary/Trustee Dr. Lucy Spelman authored a concept paper titled, Zoning Karanambu for Wetland and Savanna Protection, with input from other trustees, volunteer Trust Conservation Biologist Dr. Evi Paemelaere, and Trust Project Coordinator Salvador de Caires. Chairman/Trustee Joe Singh presented the paper to the Guyana Government for consideration. Subsequently, the protected area legislation was passed. The Trust is now waiting for the new protected area commission to issue guidelines for next steps.

  • Two orphaned otters were returned to the wild. The female (Bel) left in August 2011 and the male (Phillip) in September. Both were about 1.5 years old, having been brought to Karanambu as small cubs in Feb 2010. As with past orphans, they were taken illegally out of the wild.  The only Giant River Otters brought to Karanambu in 2011 were three newly acquired cubs—picked up that morning—that were promptly returned to the place were they were found. A decision justified by their positive and very vocal reunion with their parents at the family holt. At that time, it was not known whether their parents would accept cubs handled by humans.