The Karanambu Trust


If you would like to make a donation to the Trust, please specify whether you would like your gift to be used for one of our five goal areas (conservation, research, education/outreach/training, sustainable development, organizational support, whether it is unrestricted, or whether you would like it to go to one of the proposed projects.

The Karanambu Trust is a registered charity in Guyana. Its partner (registered 501 C3 ) in the US is the Ceiba Biological Center. At the present time, we can accept donations made by check. Or, feel free to email Secretary and Trustee Lucy Spelman with questions about making a donation.

For the Karanambu Trust in Guyana (note these donations are not tax deductible), please send a check to:

Dawn McTurk
Assistant Treasurer
Karanambu Trust
102 Issano Place East
Bel Air Park, Georgetown

For the Ceiba Biological Center in the USA, please send a check to:

Carol M. Bourne
Secretary and Treasurer
Ceiba Biological Center
89 Bellrive Acres
St. Louis, MO 63121