The Karanambu Trust
Trust Management

Diane McTurkDiane McTurk, Executive Director
Diane is the visionary behind the Karanambu Trust. Beginning in 1983, she opened her home, by necessity, to injured or orphaned wildlife. The species in need of most help was the giant otter, Pteronura brasiliensis. Diane has cared for over 40 orphaned otters, returning most of them to the wild, and is recognized as one of the world's few experts on this species. In 1997, with the support of the McTurk family, Diane established the Karanambu Trust not only for the otters, but for all who live in the North Rupununi, including animals, people, and plants.

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Gerry PereiraGerry Pereira, Part-time Trust Project Coordinator
Gerry was born in Guyana and schooled in London. In 1996, he began his training in museology and archeology with the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology. Since that time, he has participated in numerous archeology and anthropology training programs, field schools, and scientific surveys as both field assistant and lecturer, and has co-authored several scientific papers. In addition, he has worked as an administrator, both for the Rupununi Weavers Society Museum (1996-2001) as Assistant Manager of the Karanambu Lodge since 2009.

Since arriving at Karanambu, Gerry has established an ever-growing database of the biodiversity in the area, and has supported the Trust in every way possible. During August 2012, he is coordinating the first-ever Walter Roth Museum Ecology Field School to be held at Karanambu with Dr. Plew. As Assistant Project Coordinator, Gerry is the main point of contact for visiting researchers, educators, trainees, and volunteers. Arranging logistics, including the participation of local field assistants in Trust projects, is just one of his many duties.