The Karanambu Trust
About the Trust

Giant River Otters

The Karanambu Trust is a private charity established by the McTurk family in 1997.


Our vision for the future is that the Karanambu wetlands and savanna persist as a unique and diverse habitat.

Our mission is to ensure the sustainable use of Karanambu wetlands and savanna through wildlife and habitat conservation, research, and education in partnership with local communities.

1. Conserve the rare and biologically important wildlife of the Karanambu Wetlands

2. Conduct and support research and apply the results to the conservation and sustainable development

3. Share our mission locally, nationally, and internationally through educational and outreach programs

4. Support the sustainable use of Karanambu through ecotourism and other activities consistent with conservation

5. Establish the Karanambu Trust as a world-class organization